To work on the voice is to work on the relationship: undoubtedly our relationship to ourselves, but also our relationship to others and our relationship to space.

What our voice depends on: these relationships but also our intentions, the characters' intentions.

We will seek to develop the vocal potential by relieving what encumbers it: locks, muscular tensions, habits.

In the work of the text, we will give priority to the emergence of things: how our breaths - I am talking here about silences and suspended moments - how the work of supports and impulses can come naturally to nourish our imagination, can clarify our intentions . Give meaning to a text through another path, organic and sensitive.


As part of the work is done on the ground, it is recommended to bring:

- A floor mat (gym or yoga)

- A flexible and warm outfit

- Warm non-slip socks

- Possibly a relatively hard cushion

It is necessary to have taken the time to memorize a text (monologue from the theatrical repertoire; poetic text in verse or prose ...)

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