The radio is a nice master key that allows you to enter "almost" anywhere. Small sound doors, ears open to the wings and to great days, participants will be able to initiate themselves, in a few days, to the various aspects of radio production. We will favor creativity, without dwelling too much on pure technique which will be for us a means and not a goal. From collections of sounds, interviews, music ... which will have been gleaned, with in particular the possibility of going to meet other courses, we will devote the afternoons to editing, writing, creation sound. The choice of genre will be left free to each of the participants, as well as the desire to work alone or in a team.

These unique podcasts will be broadcast in the streets of Neufchâteau at the end of the course, then placed on the AKDT website (for those who wish).

Bring your computer, a USB key, with, if possible, the Reaper software already installed.

For sound recording, a Zoom, a Marantz, or, failing that, a Smartphone are highly desirable. With headphones, or earpieces


From 16 years old, no prerequisite.


Anything that can, serious and less serious, affect our theme.

Large markers, paper glue, ballpoint pen, scissors, chalk markers for windows, colored pencils, different colored post-it notes, chalks, large sidewalk chalks, old magazines, block of lined or squared sheets, A4 paper , sticky paper, thumbtacks.

External hard disk / USB key / Computer with reader software / Headset / Batteries / Tape recorder or smartphone / Optional : musical instrument

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