The Taiji week allows you to discover or improve a series of movements from the form of 108.

Through these gestures, we bring into play balance, breathing, coordination, space and time... and proprioceptivity.

Many appreciate to ask themselves, to take time for themselves while discovering another relationship with nature.

When they are extended with sticks, the movements become more playful and more “warlike” even if a slowness that respects the muscles and joints remains an absolute priority.

Lying on a carpet, seated on a chair, we deepen the intimate experience of breathing, body awareness while approaching the conduct of the Breaths for a meditation combining the feeling of Qi, imaginative / creative thinking and a presence-under-the- words.

The pedagogy is desired in constant and benevolent adjustments.

Depending on the circumstances or the need, allusions to the cultural background of ancient China (book of transformations, Taoist philosophy, tales and poetry) can enlighten and enrich the approach.

There will be room for what works in the shadow of fatigue or boredom, but also for the joy of discovery and moments of grace.

If medicine is the art of distracting the patient while nature heals him (Voltaire), we will put Taiji on the side of nature to let them work together for the "best of oneself".


Open to everyone.


Bring a floor mat or even a cushion or meditation bench (there will be chairs available).

A group course does not take into account motor or sensory difficulties that are too restrictive.


This workshop will take place at Atelier des Cimes ; a collective hut perched in the trees in B-6887 Martilly : rue du Mont.

It is located to 12 kilometers from Neufchâteau.

ATTENTION ! Carpooling is necessary.

A collaboration with Atelier des Cimes


This internship is full.