The Argentinian Tango is a popular and traditional dance, surprisingly sophisticated, elegant and sensual. Its depth is both infinite and fascinating !

The main objective of this course is to develop the fluidity, the expressiveness and the musicality of your tango, in order to increase the pleasure of dancing for two.

We will consolidate our "body-tango": warm-ups and development of our body awareness; strengthening of the comfort, stability and elegance of our posture; deepening of the technique, movements and adornos specific to tango.

We will deepen our ability to fully connect with our partner: perception of the other's body, variation in space within the abrazo, quality of contact, clarity of communication.

We will then work with sequences and "ranges of movement": giros, caminatas, boleos, sacadas, barridas ... in order to explore not only their technical aspects but also their expressive potential. We will play with their varying musicality, rhythm and geometry, in order to expand our capacity for improvisation and personal interpretation.


Intermediate (1 to3 years of tango). It is necessary to have already followed an initiation.
The exercises and sequences proposed will have various levels of difficulty, adapted to the needs and possibilities of each one.

Couples registration

We will change partners constantly, but to ensure a good balance between men and women in the group, it is essential to register in pairs. Nevertheless, if you do not have a dancepartner, we will do our best to put you in touch with another person.

In any case, please write to and to mention your dancepartner's name, or let us know you're looking for one.


Bring your tango shoes or dance shoes. If you do not have one, take city shoes with soles that allow you to swivel easily. For ladies, bring also a pair of flat shoes.

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