A harpsichord and/or clavichord course is an opportunity to immerse yourself for a week to discover, deepen and enrich the playing of an ancient instrument, to have another approach to the keyboard.

Objectives and content

Through group lessons and daily individual lessons, each trainee has the opportunity to explore a wide repertoire related to the different instruments, touch, styles, historical practices,...

Trainees have the opportunity to work every day on several instruments from different periods and aesthetics (virginal Renaissance, 17th and 18th century harpsichords with one and two keyboards as well as clavichords).

The course can also be an opportunity to discover or deepen the practice of basso continuo (in connection or not with the early chamber music course).

Possibility of a workshop on tuning and maintenance of instruments.


From 10 years old and adults

The course is wide open: from children to adults, from beginners to experienced harpsichordists as well as organists and pianists wishing to learn the touch and style of the harpsichord and early music.

Harpsichordists of all levels, for other musicians, 4 years of practice minimum.

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