Is there a recipe for developing your creativity?

If it were enough to apply a few "tricks and tricks" to be creative, it would be easy, right? So, should we think that being creative is difficult?

In reality, the answer is paradoxical: it is both easy and difficult!

Easy, because creativity is within everyone's reach.

Difficult, because it is demanding and requires constant renewal!

Creativity can be considered as a process to be put into action, it is a practice, linked to a state of mind that needs to be aroused.

Why immerse yourself in creativity and allow it to express itself?

Quite simply because it gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to reconsider our daily lives, to get out of our routines, to renew our professional practices and our relationships.

It's about reconnecting with our ability to marvel, to have a new look at ourselves and our life journey.

And, dare we say it, it's also a way of rediscovering and developing our own talents and letting them express themselves in all their potential.

So, I offer you a real immersion in creativity, which we will try to develop, in a fun way, but also demanding.

It will be a question of exploring how one can put into action a particular state of mind, which will open the imagination.

And when the imagination opens up, feeding it with our perceptions, our sensations, with everything that can arise in the moment and cross our minds, it can express itself in an unexpected way, and take us to surprising and exciting paths.

There is a real pleasure in surprising yourself with what you can create!

How to create this state of mind that nourishes the process of creativity?

I suggest you approach, in a fun way, the "setting in motion" of the creative process.

With the help of games, based on an instinctive and spontaneous approach, each and everyone will be able to constitute a "material", in which to draw to nourish different forms of expression.


We will explore the development of this creativity, which we will feed through writing, storytelling, speech.

Then, we will give the opportunity to this creativity to express itself through physical expression, the art of puppetry and the theater of objects.

Throughout the course, we will seek to develop and deepen what arises and seeks to express itself.

The objective of the course is to fully immerse yourself in the pleasure of creativity, to be surprised, and to find possibilities for personal expression, which your imagination will translate into an artistic form, to be nurtured and deepened.

Pleasure also arises when imaginations meet and find expression together. "Work" will therefore be approached, both individually and collectively.

Is it necessary to have experience in expression to participate in the course?

No, the course is open to anyone interested in a creative approach, and open to exploring different expressive forms.

No theatrical experience is required, no specific ability.

You can be shy, introverted, not especially comfortable with expression at first, or, on the contrary, be very comfortable, with a lot of experience, or be a professional on the stage, no matter where you are. are. All that counts is the desire to discover, with a total open-mindedness!

The fundamental idea is to start from where you are, in total authenticity.

Each and everyone advances at their own pace, and according to their possibilities.

And, of course, the pleasure is jubilant when you manage to surprise yourself


First, his good mood, his enthusiasm, his desire to discover...

Then, as far as is possible for you:

- objects that "speak" to you, that open your imagination, that you could use in terms of expression

- musical instruments (not a piano or a symphony orchestra...), percussion, "objects that make noise"

- fabrics

- magazines, in which you could cut out illustrations

- a "logbook" (notebook for eventual note-taking)

And above all, a personal object, which is close to your heart and which is linked to a personal memory that you could tell (something that you could share with the other participants).

Any questions ?

If you have any questions, please refer to the practical information !

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