“How to perceive color”

I propose to share my experience and my achievements as a painter by learning the sensitive.

Designing your “color material”, being able to develop a multiplicity of values, shades, flavors and opening up your “palette”.

Address the relationship with the materials, the medium and the tools of the painter.

What is the support, the palette, the brushes, the material?

What is this particular dialogue, the deep relationship that the painter maintains with his medium?

Prepare your own colors through pigments, know your tools to be able to connect, open up to the world to bring us little by little towards an inhabited, coherent, deep and personal practice.


Open to everyone


-Pigment powder; primary colors and white(s) - (small quantities) and others if you want!

-Gesso 1L (white or transparent)

- Liquid arabic gum 150ml

-Ox gall (small bottle)

- Tubes or pots of acrylic primary colors and white (not “Action”)

-Kit of various small and medium-sized brushes (flat-pointed, etc.)

- Wide spalter brush set

- Pencils (2H, 2B…), pencil or charcoal

-Small box of watercolors

-Various paper supports, some small “virgin” recovery supports (canvas, wood, cardboard, etc.), A5, A4, A3, A2 or other formats

-Scissors, small cutter, paper glue

-Empty bottles or jars with lids (about ten)

-A big bottle of Passion!


Any questions ?

If you have any questions, please refer to the practical information !

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