Or just...

Simply the desire to play together.

The pleasure of meeting other musicians and sharing experiences.

The curiosity to start a process of arrangements (in small or large groups).

To propose one's style, one's "musical personality" while playing the game of welcoming the personality and style of the other musicians.

The arrangement process :

Objectives: learn the themes, work out an arrangement together according to a defined line of conduct.

We will start with simple themes. Each theme will be a starting point for approaching a particular musical feature in the arrangement.

We will consider: the interpretation of the theme, the appropriation of the theme, the choice of the "style(s)" of the arrangement, the elaboration of the structure, the writing of counter-songs, the work of rhythm and polyrhythm, the work of the mode/tonality of the piece and of the harmonic developments,...

Improvisation/composition :

The pleasure of "making sound" freely, of sound texture, of listening, of proposing, of developing, of composing instantaneously. It is also an opportunity for the trainees who wish to play their own compositions, to have a feedback and according to the possibilities to propose an arrangement.

The course is open to all instruments.


A minimum of 4 years of practice is required (medium to advanced level).


Your instrument(s).

A recorder (the telephone is sufficient).


Raios : Clip Raios

Diab quintet :

Cave Canem :

Com-Tradiçao :

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