The cabinet of curiosities:

One week to build and deconstruct. Twisting and turning. Talking and creating silences, a week of discoveries in plastic art, speech art and movement. Be curious at all times. Come and discover your strange wonders, it will be surprising.

The cabinet of curiosities, or the cabinet of wonders:

A week where we will create our rare objects, our precious thoughts, our incredible discoveries, our shooting stars, our exotic and fantastic plants. A week to build improbable and zany characters who will have so much to say, to dance, to share.

Be curious: "CURIOUS... is said in good part of one who has the desire to learn, to see good things, the wonders of art and nature... (Antoine Furetière.)

To accompany you we will have the "savoir-faire":

From Leslie, with everything that can be built, coloured, traced, kneaded, manipulated...

Each day, we will tackle different plastic art techniques.

From Tania, everything that is said, sung, written, danced, moved, moved...

Each day, we will approach voice techniques (singing is life), movement (moving is discovering space), articulation (tongue twisters is communicating) and character building (transforming oneself is discovering oneself...).

The whole thing is gathered, sorted, mixed and becomes a performance in front of an audience on Saturday morning, sharing our adventures and discoveries (all in goodwill and pleasure).


This workshop is aimed at all young people aged 9 to 11 (whether or not they play an instrument) who wish to participate in a creative musical experience.


You can bring a musical instrument (if you practice it).

Bring a casual outfit and costume elements.

Bring a blanket or yoga mat (so that you can lie on the floor).

Cabinet of Curiosities: A place for a personal collection of unusual objects from various sources, relating to the past, natural history, science or art.

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