I propose you the discovery of Fado, an intense song, full of emotions anchored in the deepest part of yourself.

This workshop is based on oral transmission.

In addition to the work of interpretation in solo or in group, each participant will also be brought to live the spirit of Fado and the nourishing melancholy present in each of us.

O Fado è saudade.

"In its essence, Fado sings of emotion, heartbreak, deep nostalgia, the "saudade" of the one who has left, everyday life, ... Life's happy and unhappy encounters are an infinite theme of inspiration.


No prerequisites are necessary. We will work without score, i.e. on the basis of auditory support and oral instructions only.


Writing materials, recording materials (phone is sufficient), and anything that allows you to connect with your creative spirit (writing, painting, musical instruments, dance, meditation, ...)


To get to know you better and if you feel like it, please send me a short text about your artistic experiences. All fields combined.

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Any questions ?

If you have any questions, please refer to the practical information !

Ce stage est annulé.