Variations for couple dances are the main theme of this workshop: mazurka, scottish, waltz, irregular waltzes and eventually bourrées.

We will also learn some specific regional dances: Gascon, Breton, Basque or Bearnaise dances as well as variations for the jig and other mixers...

This basic programme will be completed with other dances according to the suggestions, preferences and/or needs of the participants. The common thread throughout the course is learning how to guide/follow and communicate well in the dance.

We will learn other dances and variations than the previous year, even if the description of the workshop remains the same.

Aurora will bring her experience as a contemporary dancer to give warm-ups and exercises for folk and trad dances.


Beginner & intermediate level.

No previous knowledge is required for this workshop, which is aimed at both beginners and intermediate level dancers. For about 40% of the workshop we will work in two separate groups, depending on the level.

Koen and Aurore will give individual exercises and corrections, so that everyone progresses at their own speed, regardless of their initial level.

It is not necessary to register as a couple. For partner dances, the partner will be changed frequently.


Good dance shoes help you to dance better and with less effort. Therefore, bring light, comfortable shoes that slide well.

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