The double bass and the electric bass, although not originally instruments particularly developed in traditional music (apart from some very specific styles) are increasingly used to support the "groove" in contemporary folk projects or in world music accompaniment in general.

In this workshop, we will look at the different essential aspects of these instruments in traditional and world music and we will see how to personalise our approach while respecting the role or function expected for an ideal accompaniment.

The points covered will be

-Basic and advanced techniques


-Rhythms and rhythmics

-Groove development

-Work on a repertoire (melodies, harmony, rhythm and accompaniment)

This workshop is aimed at double bass players and bassists, but also instruments whose objective is to work on accompaniment and develop bass lines.


Basic knowledge of the instrument: major and minor scales in the most common keys.


Bring your own instrument, a small amp for electric instruments, a music stand and writing materials.


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