Classical guitarist wishing to deepen his repertoire, accompaniment guitarist wishing to develop and enrich his playing, learn fingerpicking, or even learn to improvise a frenzied solo... This course is made for you!

We will cover an eclectic repertoire, and several workshops will be organized to facilitate group play and collaboration with other classes.

However, particular attention will be paid to each individual, in order to allow them to deepen their own musical practice.

Theoretical and technical work will also be offered in order to develop a better understanding of the music and the instrument.

Each trainee can also come with his own repertoire in order to improve it and/or share it.

The guitar class is open to classical, folk and accompaniment guitarists, as well as electric guitarists.


All levels (one year of practice of the instrument is preferable)


Guitar, strings, stands, plectrums, cable and amp (electro-acoustic guitar and electric guitar)


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