The Gypsy Fanfare workshop proposes to explore the popular Romanian and Gypsy festive repertoire, through a learning process adapted to the specificities of each participant.

All instruments (strings, winds, percussions, ...) are welcome. A minimum level of 5 years of practice is recommended, but not necessarily necessary (contact the teachers for more details).

for more details).

The lessons will take place partly in sub-groups, divided according to the instruments and levels, in order to be able to accompany the trainees as well as possible in the specificities of their practice and their expectations. The rest of the time will be dedicated to collective work on the setting up and arrangement of the repertoire, in particular with a view to being able to ignite the end-of-course evening all together.

Aurel Budisteanu (accordion) will be in charge of the rhythm section instruments, as well as some of the melodists (depending on registration).

François Postic (soprano saxophone) will mainly take care of the blowers, as well as other possible melodists (depending on registrations).


Although learning by ear is encouraged, scores (notes and letters) will also be made available for everyone's convenience. Knowledge of music theory is not necessary.

Minimum level required: 5 years of practice. For more information, please contact the teachers


Recorder, music stand, music paper, propelling pencil, earplugs


Any questions ?

If you have any questions, please refer to the practical information !

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