The workshop that we propose will seek to create the drag identity (King/Queen/Freak/Queer/…) of each participant. Our job will be to offer them practical tools so that they can find their creative freedom. We will start by teaching them the basics of make up drag by offering them the necessary equipment adapted to their complexion. Then we will make or improve costumes based on clothing and fabrics found. And finally in a 3rd time we will work on the interpretation of lipsync chosen and learned beforehand by the participants. All this work can give rise to a show in front of the public at the end of the week if the participants feel sufficiently comfortable.

The goal is to be able to give participants the basic tools of drag and create incredible things from almost nothing, all with kindness and the right to make mistakes !


NB: It seems essential to us to make this workshop a “safer space” and for this we wish to give priority to people who are minorities because of their identity.


A wig
Costumes for show
A pair of shoes with or without high heels
A standing miror
A contourning kit
Make-up and materials (brushes, brush, blender, etc.), fabrics, clothing, DIY materials (glue gun, scissors, measuring tape...)

Any questions ?

If you have any questions, please refer to the practical information !

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