The internship will explore three axes.

The first is the anecdotal line of a scene: everything related to the unfolding of the story, the bodily actions, the physical manifestations of conflicts, the behavior of the characters.

The second line, sensory, links the action to the functioning of the five senses.

Finally, the emotional line connects the action and the senses to the character's emotion.

The objective is to create dialogue between these three components.

There cannot be "blanks", interruptions of play in each of these lines.

It should be noted that this course is an additional tool for those who are preparing for entrance exams in drama in major theater schools (conservatories, IAD or INSAS)


Morning and afternoon

Acting training on goals, conflict, action, sensory and emotional memory.

Alternating with the application of these trainings in cinema or theater scenes (one scene is used for two people).

In order to optimize your internship as much as possible, I propose a meeting towards the end of June, during which you will be able to choose your scene and your partner.

You can make your suggestions there. In case you have no idea or found a scene you like, I will bring to this meeting enough proposals to satisfy each of you.

If it is impossible for you to be present at this meeting, it is not a very big problem, you will be served like the others (internet will help us)

For actor training, you will bring a text, a poem, a letter... which particularly sensitizes you, also known by heart. This text must not exceed one page…


The internship is reserved for people who already have a theatrical practice (amateurs, professionals, drama students.). Exceptionally, we can accept one or the other person without experience (as long as they are very motivated and enthusiastic) after a short discussion which can be done by telephone.


Flexible outfit keeping intact the mobility of the actor.


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