When asked to explain the difference between composition and improvisation in ten seconds, a jazz musician replied: "For ten seconds of composition, you have all the time in the world. For ten seconds of improvisation, you have exactly ... ten seconds".


The improvisation workshop, which can take place in a group or in individual lessons, aims to awaken the musical imagination between creation, interpretation and arrangement as well as to widen the capacity to apprehend music as a living thought.

We will create soundscapes, similar to cinematic music. You will deepen your relationship with your instrument by exploring all its possibilities and you will especially connect to your own source of creativity.

Depending on your wishes, we will also approach improvisation methods in different styles such as blues, folk, medieval and minimalist music. In this sense we will use different techniques (playing according to chords, on a bass line, with a modal scale, polyphonic rhythms...)

Improvisation fits perfectly into the AKDT concept of mixing music on all levels. So you are welcome if you want to learn to play from your own inspirations. My very personal wish is that this workshop will act as a divining rod to find the source of your inspiration, so that it will give free rein to your creativity.

Some feedback from trainees: "I really enjoyed it because I was always afraid of it, and now I feel that I dare and even enjoy it! Moreover, improvisation leads to composition as well, and for my group it's very useful ;-) What I loved was when we all had to improvise together because I really had this feeling of sharing and listening to each other. Also, these moments of collective improvisation generated a kind of trance that I found really interesting, as if we didn't want it to end.

"I particularly liked the last Blues improvisation, I really understood what pattern to use to compose a piece in this style."

"In just a few sessions I learned a lot, and now I sometimes improvise a little for fun. I really liked the fact that the subject was different every time because it allowed me to discover a lot of things. I was looking forward to each of our meetings... I liked all the themes, and especially the writing of a cadence."


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