The course is aimed at anyone wishing to combine shapes, colors and various materials on any pictorial medium.

Painting! Why and how?

What to paint? The nude in the studio, the pretext object, the surrounding natural space, its own documents (memory, identity), the look at art history...

The questions of "why still paint in 2023?"... Tradition, permanence and resurgence.

How... there comes the role of the teacher-painter... the materials and techniques, the writing, the spontaneity, the control or the instinct, the style.

The history of modern painting comes to argue the criticism: Cézanne or Monet, Matisse or Bacon, Hockney or Pollock, Hartung or Richter, Kirkeby or Garouste, Doig or Barcelo

Daily evaluations and debriefings punctuate the week.


A small personal journey will be used to start the week well


Various media (panels, cardboard, canvas, fabric, paper...), watercolor or pastel, acrylic or oil, palette, brushes, spalters...


A short cover letter is desired (pre-acquired, CV or artistic journey, objectives...)

Any questions ?

If you have any questions, please refer to the practical information !

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