This internship aims to bring together the living around a tool that is usually quite individualistic: photography. Through various workshops of old or alternative techniques (pinhole, lumen print, cyanotype, photogram, transfer with acetone,...) we will tame a creative, sensitive and collective approach to photography.

Collections of objects, elements of nature, words and old images, will allow us to reveal ourselves to others, on paper and in the setting of the course.

Between walks in the open air and introspection, between digital and film, between shots and chemical baths, we will combine the work of self-portraits and personal series with the construction of a common "patchwork" photographic object using different techniques, legs and strokes. everyone's eye.


Open to everyone


- a digital camera (all types are accepted, compact, bridge, reflex,...) with battery/charger/memory card
- several photo frames of various sizes A5/A4 and/or A3
- a wooden spatula, a coil of rope, clothespins, foam brushes, transparent and brouwn adhesive tapes
- white A4 paper
- a pencil case with pencils, scissors, glue, permanent markers...
- a USB key
- one or more thick brushes
- clothing that may be stained or an apron

In order to give free rein to the imagination of the participants, to encourage joyful experimentation and personal proposals, we also invite you to bring:

-textured materials on which you will be able to experiment with an alternative technique (example: fabric, wood, original papers, silk, t-shirt, organic materials...)

-objects that look like you! Bring us old photos that are close to your heart, objects that speak of you: these can be objects of an activity that you practice (example: if you like to knit, you can bring back wool and needles).. You're going to need it to express yourself!

-objects that seem interesting to you in terms of shapes or outlines for use such as projection/shadow puppets (lace, everyday objects with recognizable shapes, etc.)

We will take pictures during the course to create material for ourselves, but it will also be possible to develop the techniques offered from photographs taken before the course. So it's up to you to provide a USB key with digital images or films/negatives with film images that are close to your heart and that can be used for experiments or for the realization of a personal project (old family photos, series personal, etc.).

Any questions ?

If you have any questions, please refer to the practical information !

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