I have long associated the stencil technique with the famous images of Epinal.

Recently, I had the opportunity to understand this process more closely, during an intervention in the Museum of Imagery in Epinal.

The results of this technique greatly impressed me, both in terms of the precision and the brilliance of the colors.

So I very quickly decided to use this process and include it among the printing techniques that I offer to artists who frequent my studio.

Priscilla Becarri, Charlotte Coquen, Raphaël Decoster, Eric Lambé, Bruno Van De Graaf notably associated stencil with lithography techniques, giving birth to a series of very singular and colorful prints.

This course proposes to explore the different facets of this technique and possibly combine it with other printing processes (linogravure, woodcut, digital image, etc.).

We will approach through this the notion of print and artist's book.


Open to everyone


Cutter and blades, small hammer, cross screwdriver, brushes, papers for project and final prints, simili japon sheets, etching paper Rives BFK 250 of 270g, drawing materials (pencils, drawing inks, markers, etc.)

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