This course is designed for amateur and professional musicians to acquire instrumental techniques typical of Argentinean and Latin American TANGO and FOLKLORE. It will allow them to improve the quality of their playing independently of the music they practice and who wish to approach the music in a playful and oral way and not in an academic way.

For all those who want to learn to accompany and play melodies more freely

sing/play with other musicians (strings, winds, voice, percussion, etc.)

learn how to make small arrangements of popular music, how to make accompaniments, introductions for a song, etc.

play with DANCERS!

The trainees will get theoretical and practical tools on :

Rhythm and the art of accompaniment ("syncopes tanguera", "marcato en 2, en 4,"planchado", "arrastres", etc.

Typical tango phrasing: an excellent way to develop freedom and creativity of phrasing that will be of great use in your daily musical practice, whatever your musical style

On the last day in concert we will accompany the tango dancing couples.


All, however it will be necessary to communicate before the beginning of the workshop to better prepare the course of the week to be sure that each one finds its account there.


Own instrument (except pianists) and a music stand.

Any questions ?

If you have any questions, please refer to the practical information !

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