We will work on scenes chosen from “La Noce chez les petits bourgeois”. This is an early one-act play by Bertolt Brecht. She proposes a wedding meal where, over the interventions of the guests, a festive disorder will settle, breaking social conventions, to end in a chaos... jubilant for a treatment at the theater. The play contains beautiful characters inspired by the petty bourgeoisie. It is an ideal springboard to approach the burlesque so dear to Brecht.

It will not be a question of putting on the play in a week, but of launching a workshop on scenes and drawing inspiration from them for an actor's game where body language is as important as words.

Every day, warm-up, various exercises then work in groups on the scenes chosen at the beginning of the course and not requiring a great deal of memorization work. By the costume, the wearing of noses and small burlesque masks (or light make-up), the character's gait, already reflecting the excess, as well as by the study of the stakes of the scene, we will confront this piece with the burlesque universe to discover how this unrealistic form can accentuate the subject to better denounce it, and access a theater that entertains and questions, as recommended by the great Bertolt Brecht.


The course is open to any professional, amateur, performing arts student, as well as anyone interested in improvisation and gestural theatre,

after acceptance of the file.


A copy of the play (Editions L’Arche). Sober warm-up outfit.

Optional: Desired for costumes: clothes that are too wide or skimpy, wigs, hairpieces, etc. Some safety pins and elements

succinct make-up.

In preparation: Essential to have read the play.


Attach a cover letter and a CV or artistic background in a few lines. These requests will be submitted to the professor for selection of applications.

Any questions ?

If you have any questions, please refer to the practical information !

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