Although the engraved novel has long remained confined to the interwar period of the past century, it has experienced a resurgence of vitality since the 2000s. Frans Masereel and Lynd Ward have both invented and brought to near perfection this practice which remains eminently contemporary. In the time constraint of a week, we will modestly try to reinvent this practice with the means and the level of each one. From various documents, from our aesthetic and other emotions, from readings and films, we will sketch and print a few pages of a collective engraved novel.


No need to be a master of drawing, nor a king of engraving. The course is for anyone who wants to try their hand at woodcut narration.


Gouges (a wide rounded, a thin rounded, a v-shaped blade), spatula, ink roller, eraser, pencil, brushes, India ink, sticky paper, notebook for research (size of your choice), printing paper (your choice: Japanese imitation, bfk Rives, Fabriano, Velin d'Arches), plywood 5 mm thick (5 slabs 42x29 cm), wooden clothes pegs, rags, a whetstone, 1 cutter.


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