It is said that once there were two beautiful forests in a distant country. One of them was very big and everyone liked to go there. You could pick chestnuts and mushrooms there, you could also love and hide there. But the other one was very small and no one went there. It must be said that she was strange and mysterious. Strange because it never rained in this forest.

The course will unfold around this wonderful tale and its characters. Each day we will listen to a piece of the story and give it extensions through drawings, collages, pop-ups, stories, using various techniques: colored inks, felt-tip pens, pastels, gouaches, paper cut-outs...Each child will make a book containing all of his productions.

Through all these approaches, each day we will dive a little deeper into the heart of this unique story.


This course is for children between 6 and 10 years old.


Ordinary pencils


Pencil sharpeners


Scissors (small)

Colouring pencils

Color markers

Oil and dry pastels

Pritt glue

Adhesive paper

Toothbrush (old)

water jug

Small containers

Plates for mixes

Cutter, scalpels

Machine paper

Any questions ?

If you have any questions, please refer to the practical information !

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