A week to discover the different forms of waltz, a wonderful and inexhaustible dance that can be found in so many cultures and countries!

Contrary to popular belief, it is not an easy dance, and we will have plenty of time to discover its workings and diversity.

The main subject will be the waltz as danced in folk dances, as well as asymmetrical waltzes (in 5 beats, 8 beats, 11, or even more).

But our journey may also take us to Vienna, Scotland, Sweden, Paris in the 1920's-30's, the 60's in the USA, and even Peru and Argentina!

To allow the students to evolve, we will work on the one hand on the basic techniques and the dance position - each one according to his or her starting level.

And we will take advantage of the presence of Olivier, accordionist and rhythmician, to parallel other three-beat dances, such as the mazurka, the java, the bourrée.

And as always in our workshops, there will be more playful moments, with figures and variations, as well as some collective dances "out of 3 times".


To participate in this workshop, it would be good to have some practice of a couple dance (waltz, folk, tango, lindy, salsa ...).

We will give individualized exercises and corrections, so that everyone progresses at their own speed, regardless of their initial level. Eventually, at times, rhythm exercises with Olivier and dance exercises with Elena will be offered simultaneously.

It is not necessary to register as a couple. We will change partners often, and everyone will be invited to dance both roles (leader/lead).


Bring shoes with soles that allow you to slide/swivel easily. Ladies, ideally, take two pairs that you feel comfortable in, one without a heel and one with (a small) heel.

Everyone should pack a pair that will be comfortable on concrete or on the street (for parties).

If you want, a comfortable outfit that will allow you to stretch on the floor, or a yoga mat/blanket, and for the ladies, if you have, a full skirt.

There is at least one party during the week: remember to treat yourself!


If you have any questions or wishes regarding this workshop, please contact Elena at +32(0)476 99 80 51 or

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