Nino Naneishvili

2023-452 Nino Naneishvili portret

M.A. of Sacred Music, received her Master’s degree at Tbilisi State Conservatoire (2009); Doctoral student at Ilia state University (Faculty of Humanities, EthnoMusicology). She was a member of various folk ensembles and church choirs and takes active part in the concerts of traditional music in Georgia and abroad; She is a lecturer of Georgian folk songs and chants at the University of Church Chant and Director of Ialoni – a female chanters and singers ensemble. (that recorded five CDs.) Nino is also a teacher of the Ensemble Alilo (Cultural Center of Bolnisi) and has cooperated with the Center for Chant of the Georgian Patriarchy. She worked for the newspaper Kartuli Galoba (Georgian Chant) and organises lecture-concerts on Georgian song and chant. She has also participated in various scientific conferences and. is the author of several radio programs and newspaper articles. She leads a workshops for the social groups ,Singing Saturday” (State Museum of Georgian Folk Songs and instruments. Tbilisi), cooperates with Drama, Theatre and Performance Rose brufford college (London) and organizes lecture-concerts and workshops in Georgia, England, Poland, Holland, the Ukraine, Austria, Lithuania and Belgium. Between 2015-2016 she was member of group of Cultural strategy coordination in the Ministry of Culture in Georgia. Every year she organises ,,Cultural tours” around Georgia, with Ialoni members and local performers.

Langue : Anglais