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The life is a perpetual mirror… December 22nd, 1965, Huy, it snows… Birth of an unknown, not a soldier… First culinary experiments, tropical virus. Beginning of the Seventies, begins football with passion. Childhood full with life, discoveries, game, football, falls, stitches, laughter, joys and desires. End of the Seventies, begins the music with chance and challenge. Beginning of the Eighties, as Humanities, a professor (of music): “Madam, we will never make a musician of him! ”, and he recorder it and arranged  it well in his attache-case.

1985, obtaining the medal of the Government in saxophone to the Music college of Huy, admission to the Royal Academy of Liege and award-winning of national competition “Pro Civitate” of the communal Credit, June 1986, First price of saxophone (class of Albert Tyssens and Jean-Marc Lissens), June 1989, higher diploma of saxophone, higher diploma of chamber music with the greatest distinction (class of Jean-Pierre Peuvion), Huy, youth, friendships, groups, jam, concerts, shows, Alain Pierre, Nathalie Loriers, Gérald Bernard, I azzphyxie, Eric Legnini, Stéphane Galand, Jean-Pierre Catoul, Common Presence, Marie-Paule Cornia, PoéSI, Christian Dalimier, Patrick Quinet, Georges Hermans…

Meetings, ways crossed, parallel, Liege, there to live, be creative, Brussels to create there, Paris to play there, Amsterdam, experiments, recordings, concerts, shows, Ed Bogaert, AKDT , Jean-Pierre Peuvion, Bernard Foccroulle, Philippe Pierlot, Operated Royal of Wallonia, Joe Lovano, Boyan Vodenitcharov, Henri Pousseur, Pierre Bartholomé, New Music Unit, Philharmonic orchestra of Liege, Opera of Flandres, Meerce Cuningham, Orchestrates RTBF, James Tudor, Ballet Orkest Amsterdam, Pierre Boulez, Radulescu, Luciano Bério, François-Bernard Mâche, Arnould Massart, Marc Maréchal, Claude Ledoux, Michel Fourgon… thousand others… known or not, such important… enrichment, evolution.

Teaching, internships, passions! Reflections! Academy of music of Malmedy, of Saint Nicolas's Day, various internships, 1996 AKDT, working groups and of teaching, Conservatory reflection of Liege, University of Liege Department of experimental pedagogy, UVCB, Ministry CFWB, formations, eutonie… Music, movement, arts, Art, people, curiosity, interiority, music in street, transdisciplinarity, to open, horizons, yesterday, towards…, tomorrow? , family, food, music everywhere, by all, for all, mountain, silence, contrasts, certainty, doubts, return ticket, life… confidence, complicity, respect, laughter, the Human one !