Before registering, it is strongly recommended to read carefully the information below 👇

How to register ?

Before registering, please read the full course description.

  1. Choose an internship in one of the sessions (click on the image corresponding to the internship to discover the full description), then fill in the form at the bottom of the page
  2. Tick the box in front of "I accept the terms and conditions"
  3. Click on "REGISTER"
  4. After sending your form, an instant email will acknowledge the receipt of your request
  5. The final confirmation of your registration accompanied by the payment form will be sent to you by e-mail at the latest within 15 days of receipt of your registration request

Don’t delay in registering ; space is limited !

How to fill out the registration form?

Complete only one registration form per person and per internship; complete all fields correctly (in capital letters for trainee and city names).

Registration on the basis of a cover letter and a CV with selection of applications

Confirmation of registration for these specific courses will be made within the time limits specified in the course presentation or at the latest one month before the start of the course. The acceptance or not of the registration will in no case be motivated by the Royal Académie Internationale d'Été de Wallonie, only a refusal letter will be sent in case of non-acceptance of the registration.


Only the actual payment of the course within 10 days will definitively confirm your registration (resume the structured communication mentioned on the payment form). In case of non-payment of the INTERNSHIP within the prescribed time, the registration will be cancelled.


Any withdrawal must be reported to us immediately (by post or e-mail).

The repayment terms are as follows:

  • For any withdrawal up to one month before the start of the internship: an amount of € 35 will not be refunded in any case (administrative costs).
  • For any withdrawal occurring between one month and 15 days before the internship: refund of half the price of the internship.
  • For any withdrawal within the 15 days preceding the internship: no refund will be made.
  • Premature departure from the internship does not entitle you to a refund.
  • Changes of internships during the week are not allowed.


See description of the courses by clicking on the relevant course.

Important note for minors

The Royal Académie Internationale d'Été de Wallonie is not a "school" in the strict sense of the term.

Special attention is given to children under the age of 14 who, apart from their classes, benefit from specific supervision. For minors as young as 14, the Royal Académie Internationale d'Été de Wallonie relies on the sense of responsibility of the trainees and on their ability to take charge. The trainees undertake to respect the internal regulations and they must sign a charter of good conduct. Any serious breach may entitle those responsible for the exclusion period.

Any other questions ?

Discover all the practical information in the «practical information» section !

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