My encounter with the Académie d'Été? ... It was in the early 70s.

Originally from Saint-Hubert, I'd seen the courses run during the summer vacations. In 75-76, I trained as a youth leader at the Institut des Cadres de Jeunesse de la Province de Luxembourg (ICJ).

In early 1977, André Luzot, Director of the ICJ, informed me that the Académie Internationale d'Été du Luxembourg was looking for someone to look after around 40 people during a weekend at Mirwart.

It was my first contact with the Académie d'Été, the trainees, advisors and teachers.

I stayed until April 2022.

After a year's break, I'm getting back in touch with AKDT to share my experience and continue this wonderful adventure.


Jonathan MARTIN

Managing Administrator

Born in 1982 in Bastogne, Jonathan Martin has always lived in the town of Libramont-Chevigny. First in Recogne, then a few steps from the AKDT headquarters. He is regent in human sciences and has been teaching geography in Marche-en-Famenne for several years. He also, for almost 10 years, managed a company active in the events sector. The world of entertainment is therefore no stranger to him. Engaged in politics, he became, after the 2018 municipal elections, alderman for Culture in his commune. A skill he cared about and chose, as he likes to remember. Its fight: access to Culture for all! Following his entry into office as an alderman, he joined the Cultural Center of Libramont as the vice-president.

2023 Christian Kellen

Christian KELLEN


Christian Kellen, Chestrolais, retired teacher

Editor of Contact, Neufchâteau's monthly magazine, 1979-2000

Stage director at Théâtre de la Vierre de Neufchâteau, 1983-1996; l'Atelier théâtral de l'IND Bertrix, 1992-2008; Théâtre des Moulins de Neufchâteau, since 2003 - Stage director of the Royal Cortège Historique de Saint-Hubert, 2007-2012, of the Festival médiéval de Neufchâteau since 2013

Initiator of the Chest'Rock Festival, 1992-2000

Creator, restorer and mason of the medieval castle of Neufchâteau, 1999-2019

Managing director of the ASBL Les Amis du Château de Neufchâteau since 2010 - Author of "Le Château retrouvé" published by Weyrich, 2011

Pèlerin, Neufchâteau-Compostelle-Neufchâteau from 2010 to 2015

Bass lecturer in the "Choeur de La Tour Griffon" since 2016

AKDT director since 2012, former managing director

Local councillor since 2012 - President of the Centre culturel de Neufchâteau, 2012-2019

Initiator of the Mai Danse festival in 2014, 2016, 2018

President of the Neufchâteau town council, 2015-2017 and since 2021 - Alderman for Culture 2017-2019

Administrator and apprentice winemaker at "Le Clos du Hays" in Neufchâteau, 2023