Les évènements cet été à l'AKDT ! 🥳

Les événements ci-dessous sont ouverts à tous·tes (stagiaire ou non) et évidemment gratuits !

Cliquez sur le jour pour découvrir le programme complet. Attention, les événements changent parfois de jour en jour. Pensez à vérifier.


Tous les jours après le souper : SCENE OUVERTE au bar


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2023_S2_soirée_Neufchâteau_AROUARD (28)

📢 Attitude safe à l'AKDT

AKDT is pleased to present its brand new respect and kindness charter. The result of a collaboration with Plan SACHA, this charter represents AKDT's strong commitment to creating and maintaining a respectful and safe environment for all.

This charter is a key document in the organisation's educational and artistic …

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2023_luthier_JVGT (5)

The Fabrique du Silence is back for a second year! 🎸

For the second year running, La Fabrique du Silence will be at AKDT. Simon Daron will be offering a mobile workshop to diagnose, repair, adjust and pamper your instruments!

So don't forget to bring your spare instruments so you can get on with the work during your courses.

Where will …

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🎯 Organising the start en the end of training courses (2024)

Start of courses

In order to get the training week off to the best possible start, we would like to inform you of the Monday morning timetable. The team will be on hand to give you all the information you need, as well as your trainee card, on Mondays 8, …

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2019-DMM-Athénée Royal nuit_Antonin Rouard

Our courses are fully booked - Discover our alternative accommodation solutions

We're delighted to see how popular our courses are! Thanks to your enthusiasm, our boarding schools in Neufchâteau and Libramont are now fully booked. Unfortunately, we can't make any exceptions, even by phone or email.

However, we would like to remind you that there are other accommodation options in …

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Evening activities in Neufchâteau are being redefined!

After a period of reflection and consultation, the Saint-Michel Institute and the AKDT are delighted to unveil the new rules that will govern the summer internships of 2024.

Evenings at Saint-Michel

Weekday evenings will take place at the Saint-Michel Institute until midnight. This will allow participants to extend their exchanges …

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Wat is er met de Nederlandse versie van de site gebeurd?

No Dutch language website this year...

This year, AKDT is unfortunately unable to offer you a Dutch-language version of its website. If you'd like to find out more about a course, a teacher or any other information, please go to the French-language pages, as well as those translated into English. …

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A healthy mind in a healthy body 🍽️

For this 2024 edition, the AKDT wishes to focus on meals.

Indeed, just like the artistic excellence present in our courses, it seems essential to us to provide a balanced, quality diet that meets the expectations of our time. The success of your internship depends on every detail!

The kitchen …

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Loan center visit 🎶

AKDT visits the Naninne Loan Center: discovering what's new

Today, the AKDT Cultural Council had the opportunity to visit theNaninne Loan Center, a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at the organization, as well as its latest equipment.

The Loan Center generously welcomed us to showcase its various …

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📅 2024 season calendar

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10 years ago, AKDT was crowned with a royal title 👑

🌟🎉 Exactly 10 years ago, the Académie d'Été was crowned with a royal title, an emblematic moment that marked the history of our Public Utility Foundation..

On this special occasion, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who have been by our side: from artists to partners, …

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Recruitment of an artistic advisor in world dance and music [M,F,X]

Recruitment of an artistic advisor in world dance and music [M,F,X]

The Royale Académie Internationale d'Été de Wallonie (AKDT) is looking for an artistic advisor [M, F, X] to take charge of the 2024 season of world dance and music workshops!

If you have a keen interest in the arts …

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2024 season dates ⏲️

We've got some news that should put a smile on your face!

The dates for the 2024 season are finally known: Dates for 2024 courses

The full program will be unveiled online in February, thank you for your patience.

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Tribute to an AKDT pioneer: Marcel Lambrechts

It is with deep sadness that we pay tribute to Marcel Lambrechts, co-founder of AKDT, who passed away on November 12, 2023.

Marcel Lambrechts, since 1975, has instilled his ambitions of accessibility to artistic education for all by being at the source of what is today our Public Utility …

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Productions from the "radio podcast and sound writing" course 🎧

In a world where stories come to life through the airwaves, where sounds weave narrative webs as captivating as they are visual, a course opens its doors to you. Under the expert tutelage of Christine Van Acker and Némo Camus, the "Radio podcast ans sound writing" course, …

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The 2023 season comes to an end 🌟

It's with a mixture of pride and nostalgia that we are closing the 2023 summer season with no fewer than 1,850 trainees in attendance. 🎉

Over the past few weeks, we've experienced some intense and unforgettable moments, sharing knowledge, passions and friendships.

It's time to say "THANK YOU"!

Our heartfelt …

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Events from July 23 to 30, 2023

The events below are open to all (trainees or not) and of course free of charge!



👉 17:30-18:30: DISCOVERY WORKSHOP "instant composition" - open to all (Local J 1.02)

👉 21:00: OPEN SCENE / JAM (Bar)


👉 17:00-18:00: DISCOVERY WORKSHOP "body percussion" - …

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Postcard by François Liénard

Between two weeks of courses, let's take a moment to read this postcard written by François Liénard, artistic advisor for the visual arts, on the occasion of a visit to the Neufchâteau courses.

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AKDT's 61st season in Neufchâteau: a success despite the challenges encountered

Yesterday, on the occasion of courses visits for our Board of Directors, Cultural Council and partners, our coordinator, Christophe Vangoethem, took the floor to celebrate AKDT's 61st season.
Read his speech below:
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Events from July 16 to 23, 2023

The following events are open to all (trainees or not) and of course free of charge!



👉 21:00: OPEN SCENE (acoustic jam in the bar basement and jam with sound system in the bar)



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Events from July 9 to 16, 2023

The following events are open to all (trainees or not) and of course free of charge!


👉 Every evening at the bar from 8:30pm: OPEN SCENE - Opened by B.A.O.

👉 17:30: chainsaw carving demonstration on a 2-meter-high oak trunk


👉 Simon Daron …

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2022_ASP_509_podcast_Antonin_Rouard (3)

AKDT also has its own podcast!


Summer is fast approaching, and with it come the long-awaited art workshops. It's the perfect time to introduce you to the podcasts created by the talented artist Pierre Delrez, known as Piedel.

To Piedel, a native of Neufchâteau, …

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