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Enfants-phares 1 (5-8 years)

From 5 age


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Enfants-phares 2 (9-11 years)

From 9 age

One week, a troop, a parade.

Work in a group and find personal skills. Mix different artistic disciplines.

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Enfants-phares 3 (12-15 years)

From 12 age

The day begins with a collective, rhythmic, vocal and body warm-up. It opens on the creation of characters, musical themes, the discovery of instruments, game situations, etc.

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From 16 age

A course based on lyrical singing techniques where the voice is approached by a practice of the body and the imagination allowing to acquire greater freedom.

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From 8 age

Develop an appropriate approach and technique (linked to your level).
(Re) discover the pleasure of the whole game and the related skills.
Acquire knowledge and harmonic reflexes on simple pieces.
Develop song learning without a score (work called "by ear").
Particular repertoire work welcome at the request of the student.

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Brass players

From 8 age

Collective work : the basic techniques of the instrument, breathing, pulsation, sound, listening, effects, detached. Work based on improvisation and creativity.

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Flute and Traverso

From 8 age

Organized in the form of daily individual and / or semi-collective courses, this course offers both beginners and advanced students the opportunity to develop the basic techniques of the instrument.

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From 8 age

If you want to discover or improve your knowledge of the guitar in its multiple facets, that you practice the classical guitar at the academy or that you strum alone in your room or that you play the electric guitar with your friends in a rock band whether you can read music or not, it doesn't matter...

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Orgue with repertoire and orgue improvisation

From 8 age

The course is divided into two subjects of your choice. Students can choose to devote themselves to various aspects of the repertoire dedicated to the instrument that is the organ. Or, devote oneself to improvisation, a musical oratory art, also very practiced on this instrument. The course will also offer "common class time" to discover the different types of instruments and their functioning (organ bill), through discussions, recordings. An instrument visit will also be scheduled.

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Malempré  Fred


From 10 age

Learning different basic techniques on various instruments (congas, djembe, shakers, triangle, berimbau ...).

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