Valentin Dellieu

2022-ADS-60 ans-Valentin DELLIEU

2007 joined the Namur university team via the FBIA
2012 integration into the FBIA adult championship
2013 integration into the FBIA national team
2015 participation in the Mondial d'improvisation in Strasbourg
2016 participation in the Mondial d'improvisation de Montréal
2017 integration into the Ligue d'Improvisation Professionnelle Wallonie-Bruxelles (LIP)
2018 participation in the Mondial d'improvisation de Genève
2019 training at the Mount Olymprov Festival (Athens)
2019 Launch of the free-form show "L'excellent salon littéraire de l'inénarrable Professeur Schmuns et du délectable Docteur Johnson" with Thomas Willaime (still touring as of today)
Throughout these dates, participation in numerous match, wrestling or freeform type shows throughout the French-speaking world (Switzerland, Quebec, France, Algeria and Tunisia) and, of course, Belgium.

My practice of improvisation also takes the form of corporate entertainment or special events.

Along the way, I've developed my teaching skills with various amateur and professional teams in the form of coaching modules or residential training courses, mainly with FBIA-affiliated teams.

Lastly, I occasionally practice improvisation drawing for events, as I'm also an illustrator.

Langue : French