Alain Pierre


Study of Classical Guitar, Chamber Music and Free Improvisation at the Liège Conservatory of Music.

Study of Jazz Guitar and Jazz Harmony at the Brussels Conservatory.

Worked with Ralph Towner, Norma Winstone, Philip Catherine, Paolo Radoni, Jacques Pirotton, Pierre Van Dormael, Serge Lazarevitch, Peter Hertmans, Steve Houben, Arnould Massart, Garrett List, …

He makes the use of the 12-string acoustic guitar, to which he adapts classical guitar technique, his specialty.

Current projects:

“Alain PIERRE Solo Guitar”;

“Alain PIERRE & Etienne PLUMER Acoustic Duo”;

Composer, arranger and artistic director for the “Ellipse” project by Barbara WIERNIK

Occasional and past projects:

“Norma WINSTONE with Alain PIERRE & guest Barbara WIERNIK”: Jazz Station March 17, 2023

“Brew-Quay Quartet” with Jacques PIROTTON, Jasen WEAVER, Antoine PIERRE or Fabio ZAMAGNI

“Tree-Ho!” » with bassist Félix ZURSTRASSEN and drummer Antoine PIERRE;

“WRaP! » with Barbara WIERNIK and double bassist Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE;

“Different Lines” with singer Barbara Wiernik;

“Arbor Heart”, “Special Unit” and “Pocket Unit”;

Duo with guitarist Peter HERTMANS; Composition and Arrangement for various projects; Founder of the label “Spinach Pie Records” for which he produced, in addition to his own projects, “Barbara Wiernik - ELLIPSE” (Spinach Pie Records 104) & “Barbara Wiernik & Nicola Andrioli – Complicity” (Spinach Pie Records 102); …

Several tours with these different projects in Europe but also Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria, Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, India and Vietnam.

He has taught Jazz harmony, Jazz reading and Jazz ensemble playing at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels since 2015.

He has taught guitar, improvisation and composition at the Huy Conservatory since 1987 and during workshops (AKDT in Libramont, Tunisia, Democratic Republic of Congo).

Selective discography:

Alain PIERRE Solo - “Sitting In Some Café” (Spinach Pie Records - SPR 103)

Tree – Ho! - “Aaron & Allen” (Spinach Pie Records – SPR 101)

WRaP! - “Endless” (Igloo – IGL 245)

Alain Pierre-Steve Houben - “Dolce Divertimento” (Mogno - J024)

“Anfass” (Igloo Mondo - IGL 148)


Langue : French