For this 2024 edition, the AKDT wishes to focus on meals.

Indeed, just like the artistic excellence present in our courses, it seems essential to us to provide a balanced, quality diet that meets the expectations of our time. The success of your internship depends on every detail!

The kitchen staffs at ITCF-Libramont and Athénée Royal Neufchâteau-Bertrix are proud to have created a balanced vegetarian menu. However, omnivores can rest assured that the same menu is also available with meat, for those who make themselves known at registration or through the meal card.

The purpose of this change is threefold:

  1. It offers a solution to the growing number of vegetarians taking part in our courses. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer all dietary variations, but allergens are specified on site and gluten-free alternatives are available for breakfasts.
  2. This approach of meals planned and ordered in advance should allow us to plan orders with greater attention to local and seasonal products.
  3. We also hope that this approach will reduce the amount of waste and food waste.

The implementation of these solutions involves the meal card, which you can buy in advance in vegetarian or omnivore version. Meals are always included for interns.

This solution will allow day students and campers to benefit from all meals or to eat at lunchtime. To thank you for registering in advance, the card offers a 15% reduction on the cost of your meals when you book your course. Full board option (already included for interns) will cost 155€, while the 7 lunch meals will cost you 90€.

Single tickets can still be purchased on site for €5 for breakfast, €15 for lunch and €10 for dinner.

Discover the menu :