Between two weeks of courses, let's take a moment to read this postcard written by François Liénard, artistic advisor for the visual arts, on the occasion of a visit to the Neufchâteau courses.

In Neufchâteau, we enter between

Two towers it's a village, oh

Sorry, a town, fortified since

The Middle Ages

Two world wars, and the

Oldest remember the Panzer

Division that trampled its flat

Beds and destroyed its rosebushes

Today, vines grow

On its hillsides, on a pond

Ducks sail, and on the lake

Pedal boats, water, water everywhere

There's a mill and a waterfall near

The little schist bridge, it's enough

Bucolic and picturesque, you'd think you were in

Geneva or Annecy, we have

A single desire to jump into water,

But some women are waiting for us

Second floor of the mill, singing

In a chorus, listening to each one

As we go, a tune takes shape until

Back to silence, in a tower

Lives a griffin, further on St. Michael

Terraces the dragon, in a school

Brecht is played, the living is triturated

In grotesque gestures,

Summer twists, he puts on his hat,

His big nose, the city is padded

With forests, the old village cool

In its leaves, in Neufchâteau we

Don't mess with justice, a

Greco-Roman palace in stone from

France protects from its shadow

The region's inhabitants, in a

Gymnasium, we enter the

Dancing like in Brazil, we sway

In pairs, as if we were treading cocoa,

Men and women move

Still together as in the old days

In Neufchâteau live on

Even griots from Burkina Faso

Who teach the locals the kora,

The balafon and the djembe, the town and

Its Summer Academy are bordered by

Five continents five oceans five

Seasons, four plus one, the one spent here

Together, the world is not a village,

Quite the opposite, and so much the better.

François Liénard, Neufchâteau, AKDT, July 2023.

François Liénard