Koen Dhondt

Dhondt Koen

Koen Dhondt is one of the leading dance teachers for couple dancing in the Western-European folk dance scene. He started at age eleven with international traditional dances, then became involved in Flemish folklore, but went in a new direction when in 2001 he got to know the folk dance scene in Portugal.

Since that moment Koen (with his characteristic drive) strives to develop this passion, and to share it with others. Each year, he participates in various international festivals and workshops, and builds up a vast knowledge and experience with dancing. In addition, he studies tango and dances on the stages of Bal Moderne.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Koen Dhondt has shaped the development of the folk dance scene in Belgium through his weekly dancing classes (over 3000 hours since 2002!) and the countless initiations he has given.

His university degree in languages (French, Spanish & Portuguese) and his expertise as a language teacher came in handy for this polyglot when teaching summer schools and workshops in seven countries. Koen uses targeted exercises, handy tips, attention to detail and individualised feedback to teach his students to guide and follow smoothly. The focus on a pleasant group dynamic, variations in teaching methods, an unlimited supply of patience and a spoonful of humour ensure a pleasant learning process.

The association Frisse Folk (which Koen founded), enriches the folk offering in the main Belgian cities with an impressive amount of classes and workshops with dancing teachers from Belgium and abroad. Since 2005, Koen (in his capacity of artistic director) programmes high-quality folkbals, with special attention to the various traditional repertoires. Also as a folkDJ, he creates the perfect conditions for an evening filled with dancing joy.

Languages : Dutsch, Englisch, French, Portuquese, Spanisch