Performing Arts
2019-ADS-502-En piste 2.jpg

On track : clown games and circus arts (9-12 years)

From 9 age

This course aims to offer participants to discover the rich and varied world of clowns : theater clown, circus clown, body theater.

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2019-ADS-503-Exploration théâtrale.jpg

Theatrical Exploration (10-14 years)

From 10 age

The theatrical adventure will begin from the first day when we will discover each member of the crew, with his smile, his qualities, his difficulties, his energy, his rhythm, his will, his vivacity...

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2021-ADS-551-Taiji 7.JPG

Taiji Quan

From 16 age

Taiji Quan proposes codified sequences of slow and circular movements, carried by the breath, which outline gestures of combat.
The form of the 108 will be put at the service of the vital energy, the Qi.

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2019-ADS-506-Masser dans la justesse du geste 3.jpg Compleet !

Massage in the rightness of the gesture

From 18 age

Objectives of the workshop :

To find our essence to give meaning to the massage - To explore our relationship with the touch received and given - To discover "the golden rules" of a quality massage - To learn the technique of movements and sequences.

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2019-ADS-507-Danses et percu ancestrales.jpg

Ancestral Dances and Rythms

From 16 age

Inspired by the Dance, the West African Music and using excercices which stimulates our conscience to reconnect with nature and the present moment, this workshop opens a gateway that alows you to reconnect with you inner and True self.

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2021-HS-724-L'Art Rituel et la performance 5

A dream body : the earth

From 16 age

There would be in us a background common to all men, a "primitive" core universal and timeless. It is to this that the dances are addressed.

This silent memory, this Other in us hears the call of the other outside of us, which makes him vibrate and answer him.

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2022-ADS-508-Comédie Musicale Compleet !

Musical artist : Embodying his voice and his character

From 17 age

How to play a role while singing, using the different vocal qualities required according to the works ? How can you put your voice at the service of the story being told ?

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2021-ADS-508-Podcasts radio.jpg Compleet !


From 16 age

The radio is a nice master key that allows you to enter "almost" anywhere. Small sound doors, ears open to the wings and to great days, participants will be able to initiate themselves, in a few days, to the various aspects of radio production. We will favor creativity, without dwelling too much on pure technique which will be for us a means and not a goal.

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2014-ADS-Exploration vocale 2 Compleet !

Voice exploration : the voice in all its splinters

From 16 age

The approach focuses on the exploration of vocal resources (spoken voice, singing, breathing, onomatopoeia, laughter ...) and the construction of creative vocal forms.

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2020-ADS-513-Jouer en pleine présence.jpg

Playing in full presence : Emotional expressiveness, freedom and radiates

From 16 age

If you want to develop a dazzling presence on stage, come and discover this radically new approach.

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