Performing Arts
2022-ADS-508-Comédie Musicale Passé !

Musical Comedy : Embodying Your Voice and Character

From 17 age

"Acting and singing. Lending your voice to a role, to a story. Interpreting a song theatrically and exploring this meeting point between drama and music.

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2022-ADS-562-Le jeu burlesque Passé !

The burlesque game in Brecht

From 18 age

We will work on scenes chosen from “La Noce chez les petits bourgeois”. This is an early one-act play by Bertolt Brecht.

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2022_ASP_552_joue_chante_danse_enfants_Antonin_Rouard (10) Passé !

Play, sing and dance (7-12 years)

From 8-12 age

The musical brings together the three main performing arts: music, dance and theatre

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2023-562 clown débutants 1 Passé !

Jouer mon clown, Acte 1 (niveau débutant)

From 20-60 age

Situé juste en dessous du bas de l’échelle, le Clown se joue dans la vulnérabilité, l’inefficacité et l’incompétence. Pour apprivoiser cet endroit inconfortable et le rendre jubilatoire, les bases techniques du jeu masqué nous permettront d’établir la juste distance, la première transposition.

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drag 2023 Passé !

Introduction to Drag

From 18 age

The workshop that we propose will seek to create the drag identity (King/Queen/Freak/Queer/…) of each participant. Our job will be to offer them practical tools so that they can find their creative freedom.

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2022-ADS-553-L'acteur et le personnage 2 Passé !

The actor and the character (14-18 years)

From 14-18 age

Together we will explore acting, vocal and body training, space, the senses, rhythm, listening, the relationship with the partner, the work of emotions, and the imagination.

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