Performing Arts
2022-ADS-562-Le jeu burlesque

The burlesque game in Brecht

From 18 age

We will work on scenes chosen from “La Noce chez les petits bourgeois”. This is an early one-act play by Bertolt Brecht.

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2023-512 stage

Radio podcast and sound writing

From 16 age

The radio is a beautiful master key that allows you to enter “almost” everywhere. Small sound doors, ears open behind the scenes and in broad daylight, participants will be able to learn, in a few days, the various aspects of radio production.

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2022_ASP_552_joue_chante_danse_enfants_Antonin_Rouard (10)

Play, sing and dance (7-12 years)

From 8-12 age

The musical brings together the three main performing arts: music, dance and theatre

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2019-ADS-502-En piste-Live soundtrack_Eloïse Roulette

"En piste!" clown games and circus arts ! (9-12 years)

From 9-12 age

This course aims to offer participants the opportunity to discover the rich and varied universe of clowns: theater clown, circus clown, body theatre.

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2023-553 Exploration Théâtrale 1

Theatrical exploration (10-14 years)

From 10-14 age

The theatrical adventure will begin on the first day when we discover each member of the crew, with their smile, their qualities, their difficulties, their energy, their rhythm, their will, their liveliness.

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2022-ADS-553-L'acteur et le personnage 2

The actor and the character (14-18 years)

From 14-18 age

Together we will explore acting, vocal and body training, space, the senses, rhythm, listening, the relationship with the partner, the work of emotions, and the imagination.

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2018-DMM-469-Claquettes_Copyright Antonin Rouard

Tap - Rhythm - Dance (beginner and advanced level)

From 15 age

Warm-up, flexibility of the ankles, combinations of basic steps, precision and force of strikes, rhythm and musicality, elaboration of a choreography, attitude and presence on stage.

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2022-ADS-508-Comédie Musicale

Musical Comedy : Embodying Your Voice and Character

From 17 age

"Acting and singing. Lending your voice to a role, to a story. Interpreting a song theatrically and exploring this meeting point between drama and music.

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2023-558 Stage Buto 2

Introduction to Buto - discovering the dark body

From 16 age

Butoh is a libertarian body practice born in Japan in the 1950s. Synthesizing the heritage of the island's traditional techniques and the research of the European avant-garde, butoh offers a wide field of exploration of movement and body.

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2022_ASP_555_theatre_danse_Antonin_Rouard (4)

Theater dance - Dance theater

From 15 age

Playing, dancing, walking, telling stories, jumping, turning, laughing, dancing... together.

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