Toine Thys

2024_Toine Thys_actualisé © Maël G. Lagadec

Brussels-based saxophonist Toine Thys is an intense musician who likes to surprise. With his projects and collaborations, Thys pushes the limits of his comfort zone further and further. A central figure on the Belgian saxophone and bass clarinet scene, he can be heard regularly in France and the Netherlands, in Europe, as well as in West Africa, Canada and Asia.

Alongside the TOINE THYS TRIO, ORLANDO (OCTAVE DE LA MUSIQUE for JAZZ 2021), OVERSEAS which he leads, he leads electronic explorations in the group GURU.FARM (a.k.a. DERvISH) with drummer and producer Pat Dorcean, bassist Dries Laheye and keyboardist David Thomaere. They play a spacy, offbeat brand of glossy jazz, electro and groove. Their debut album 'Guédé' was released in 2021. Transformed by electronic filters, the saxophone becomes a synth to join the trio's groove: Beat music!

Toine Thys explores a solo project LoFi-Sufi where he combines tenor saxophone and electronic sounds in collaborations with dance or circus arts. An EP is expected for 2024.

Langues : Dutch, French