The EXPERIENCE workshop is an experimentation process which results in personal work.Experimental cinema is about intimate research and exploration of image and sound. We will work in the workshop from photographs, videos, recordings and sound archives.

At the start of the process, we'll establish an intention for the production, to lay the foundations for the construction of the story. This basis is free and can be drawn from an existing work, an anecdote or a feeling towards someone or something. The intention of the production will determine the writing and the artistic direction of the image and sound.

The image is a way of proposing a vision of the world and constructing a point of view. The same story can be told in an infinite number of ways. Every shot in a film is the result of thought and feeling, in line with the director's intention. Through several examples, we will be able to discuss the possible framings and their interactions during editing. From wide shots to tight shots, from settings to characters, the members of the workshop will construct a sequence of images of their choice using their sensitivity and imagination.

Sound is an often overlooked aspect of cinema. Yet it is an essential component of a film. A good film can have a low-quality image if it is accompanied by good sound. The opposite is much rarer. It is therefore important to understand the impact that sound can have on the image in order to convey sensations, feelings or narrative elements. In the workshop, we will develop the idea of “listening point” (as opposed to point of view) to build the basis of sound scripting.

Editing is also crucial, to enable everyone who has gone through the workshop to see the fruits of their labor. One day will be set aside for editing the films on a shared computer, so that everyone can participate in the process.

Required level

Artistic, photographic or writing skills recommended.

Imagination and inventiveness.

Equipment required

Smartphone or camera of any kind.

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