The workshop we're proposing will seek to bring out the drag identity (King/Queen/Freak/Queer/...) of each participant. Our job will be to offer them practical tools to help them find their creative freedom.

We will start by teaching them the basics of drag makeup by offering them the necessary materials adapted to their skin tone. Then we will make or improve costumes using vintage clothes and fabrics. And finally, in the 3rd stage, we'll work on interpreting lipsyncs chosen and learned beforehand by the participants. At the end of the week, all this work can lead to a show in front of an audience if the participants feel comfortable enough.

The aim is to give participants the basic tools of drag and to create incredible things from almost nothing, all in a spirit of goodwill and the right to make mistakes!

Required level

NB: It seems essential to make this workshop a "safer space", and to do this we want to give priority to marginalized people because of their identity.

Equipment required

Dear friends, here is a list of some useful tools for this drag initiation week, we warmly invite you to bring along the items you have in your possession! Of course, we will have plenty of material on hand, but the more you bring, the better! Don't go for broke, just hunt around (we're sure you'll find lots of treasures in your attics 😊).

  • a wig
  • a stage outfit that makes you feel like a bombshell (clothes of all kinds that make you feel good)
  • jewelry
  • a pair of shoes (with or without heels, to go with your best outfit)
  • a fat contouring set for your skin tone (Kryolan brand, for example)
  • a free-standing mirror (to work on your make-up details)

This is obviously a non-exhaustive list, so give free rein to your imagination and bring back whatever you feel like, whatever makes you happy! Makeup (brushes, brush, blender, shadow palettes, lipstick, etc.), fabrics, antique clothing, DIY materials (glue gun, scissors, tape measure, etc.).

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please refer to the practical information!

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