The United States has a rich world of folk fiddling - people from around the world brought their traditions and techniques there and it developed into some of the most exciting sounds on the instrument. We will spend a week learning some of the history of this music and what defines each sub-style, learning some great tunes while focusing on internalizing American fiddle music’s unique rhythm and bowing techniques - as well as slides, ornaments and drones. We’ll focus on the broader genre of ‘old time’ or Appalachian music, but will learn at least one tune from the blues, ragtime, cajun and bluegrass repertoire to help understand and have some musical familiarity with the broader idea of fiddle in the USA.

Required level

All levels are welcome, best suited for people with solid experience on their instrument (can play in the first position well) who are ready to learn music by ear. This music tends to be more complicated for the bowing than the left hand, but we will try to work slowly (even if we may play some fast tunes!) to integrate bowing concepts and generally play in easier keys. We may use some different tunings for the fiddle (GDGD for example) but if any students want to just play these tunes out of standard tuning that will also be ok.

Equipment required

Something to record the lessons, or better to make videos (like a smart phone), maybe some paper or a tablet or something to make notes on about historical info etc.

More information

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