Located just below the bottom of the scale, the Clown plays out in vulnerability, inefficiency and incompetence.

To tame this uncomfortable place and make it jubilant, the technical bases of masked play will allow us to establish the right distance, the first transposition.

Then, guided by the great laws of improvisation: space, rhythm, focus... we'll identify and develop the artistic and human material specific to each clown.

For this second training course, particular attention will be paid to clown writing: the distinction and organization between author, performer and instrument, as well as the dramaturgical rules for identifying, developing and resolving clownish dramatic conflict.

Each day begins with a body warm-up.

The work continues with games, exercises and improvisations in solo, duo, trio, choir...

Some improvisations can be repeated and developed.

Required level

The course is open to anyone between the ages of 20 and 60 (exceptions possible by prior arrangement), who is motivated and in good physical condition.

Priority is given to those who have taken the "Playing my clown, act 1" course, but if you have other experience of clowning and would like to enroll, please fill in the form with your previous experience and your motivation to take this course. The possibility of enrolling will be confirmed according to the number of places available and the suitability of your experience and motivation for the proposed course.

Equipment required

  • A comfortable outfit for bodywork
  • Costume elements: ridiculous clothes, too small, too big, hats, wigs, accessories...
  • A clown nose
  • Something to take notes on

Any questions?

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