Ballfolk dancers and musicians, come and dive with us into the heart of our dance rhythms! A week to discover the workings of simple and complex rhythms, binary or ternary, recognize them in music, play with them and enrich your dance with more or less complex rhythmic variations.

Did you know, for example, that the waltz is binary? What does polyrhythm have to do with dance?

Would you like to discover what a downbeat, an upbeat, a hemiola, a rhythmic figure, a musical phrase, an anacrusis... are, and play with them in your dance?

Whether you lead or follow, surprise your partner with subtle variations, change the course of the dance, have fun again and again?

In concrete terms, we'll be working with Elena on the basic techniques and positions of the dances we've chosen together - each according to his or her starting level and desire to lead, follow or both. Olivier, accordionist and rhythmist, will use the konokol system to help us manipulate simple or complex rhythms through clapping. Then it's back to the dance, where we'll bring his rhythms and rhythmic games to our feet.

The dances will be chosen together at the beginning of the workshop (waltzes, mazurkas, scottishes, bourrées, rondeaux... If you have any ideas, just drop us a line!)

And, as always in our courses, there will be some more upbeat moments, with a few group dances.

What our past trainees have appreciated:

  • The musicality & dance duo
  • The theory - clapping - body - dance flow
  • Theoretical contributions
  • Oli-Elena's highly complementary energies
  • Live music during the workshop, and the possibility of slowing down the music
  • The wide variety of dances and themes covered

Feedback from some participants:

"I feel it will infuse and improve my dancing in the long term".

"I quickly felt the benefits, and the improvement in my dancing".

"I wasn't expecting it, but I discovered that I really like guiding!"

"I was a beginner in folk, and the rhythmic exercises helped me get the basics right from the start."

"I understand music better, and it's going to help me follow the variations"

Required level

This course is mainly a dance workshop and is aimed at people who already have some to a lot of experience in folk dance, or at least one year in another type of dance. It may also be of interest to people who wish to better understand the music so as to be able to play for dance.

No need for a dance partner to take part!

Equipment required

Bring shoes with soles that allow you to glide/swivel easily. Ladies, ideally, take two pairs in which you feel comfortable, one without a heel and one with (a small) heel.

Everyone should pack a pair that will be comfortable on concrete or in the street (for evening wear).

If you want, a comfortable outfit that will allow you to stretch on the ground, or a yoga mat/blanket.

There is at least one festive evening during the week: don't forget to treat yourself!

If you play music, you can bring your own instrument.

More information

If you have any questions or wishes regarding this course, do not hesitate to contact Elena on 0476 99 80 51 or by

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please refer to the practical information!

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